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The professionals at One Time Fencing know that your deck is an investment that is meant to be enjoyed for years to come, We also know a deck not only adds value to your property, it gives you control over the unique character of your residence by allowing you to see your custom design at work every day you spend on your deck.

Custom Wood Fencing

Custom wood from One Time Fencing is the best way to increase your property value and add your own individual sense of style.

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Spruce & Red Cedar

Due to its material build up, it is very soft, making spruce & cedar the choice for an area where noise can be an issue such as the deck floor or gate fence.

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Split Rail Fencing

No matter the size of your project the experts at One Time Fencing bring over 60 years of Slit Rail fencing experiene.

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Aluminium & Chain

Durable, Aluminum and Chain link fencing can hold up to damage and conditions that would essentially destroy a wood or vinyl fence.

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