Split Rail Fencing Services

Split Rail Fencing in State College, PA

Split rail fencing is considered a specialized type. It's not ideal for all residential properties but can be the perfect solution for someone looking to keep large animals from entering or leaving an area, or defining borders over large residential or commercial areas. No matter the size of your project the experts at Pro Max Fence bring over 60 years of experience in creating a beautiful fence that delivers the durability and perspective that can only be captured with top-notch craftsmanship. We also provide two-pane and three-pane split rail fencing to the residential and commercial communities in State College and Centre County.

This quality is evident as split rail fencing's build requires minimal materials, which means we can focus on a quick and efficient build without wasting unnecessary resources or time, keeping your price at the rate you need it.

Split rail fencing is one of our specialties. We offer our split rail fencing installations in State College, Pennsylvania. We offer our split rail fencing installation services in Centre County, PA, and all surrounding metropolitan areas and communities. So if you need a trustworthy fencing company near State College with over twenty years of building top-quality fences, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re within one-hundred miles of us and want an affordable and quality fence, call Pro Max Fence.

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